Flame Surface Treatment Equipment

  • Flame Surface Treatment Equipment
  • Flame Surface Treatment Equipment
  • Flame Surface Treatment Equipment
  • Flame Surface Treatment Equipment
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Product name:Flame Surface Treatment Equipment

Model Number: F2


This fire treatment machine is mainly used for flame treatment of various bottles and cylinder which is made of  PE and PP and other plastic material. Through the fire treatment processed by this machine, the ink can be attached to the printed plastic products more firmly.
The ink ahdension willl be perfectly on the plastic bottles and products.


1.Flame Flame Gun Height :Φ150*250mm
2.Burning Gas:LPG gas
3.Conveyor speed:0~10m/min
4.Outline dimension:2000X450X850mm
5.Conveyor size:2000X340mm
6.Combustion gas:Compressed air 8kg/cm2
7. Rotating Length: 80CM, 9 Pieces of rotating tooling controlled by 9pcs of small gears and driven by a big gear.
8. Packing Size:244*65*110CM
1.Mainly used for the surface pretreatment of PE and PP plastic products.
2.Micro motor imported from Japan, stepless speed timing mode is adequate for different workpiece requirement.
3.The machine is two sides equipped with baffle-boards to improve the heat efficiency.
4.Advanced gushing nozzle is design generates a good combustion result, it is a product that saves energy.
5.According to the size of your product that is to be printed, replace the taper support to meet the different requirement of workpiece
There are two speed control with the flame treatment machine
1: One speed controller is for adjust the conveyor speed
2: The other speed controller is for adjusting the rotating speed in the flame treatment area
Package List:
1. Dimension: 246×65×110CM

2. Gross weight; 228KG

Flame Surface Treatment Equipment

Flame Surface Treatment EquipmentFlame Surface Treatment Equipment

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