Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Machine

  • Model Number: HSP-2030
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  • Product Description:Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Machine

Product name:Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Machine

Model Number: HSP-2030

Automatic Stationary Ruler Screen Printing Machine
Technical Parameters
Model  No.:        HSP-2030
Max.Printing Size:200*300mm
Power:             220V 50-60Mhz 1kw
Air Pressure:      5-7 bar
Printing Speed: 2800pcs/hr
Workstation:      4pcs
Weight:            430kgs
Printing Color:    One Color
Automatic Grade:  Full-automatic
Warranty :          Two years
Usage:               Scale ruler, triangle ruler, scaler, stationery ruler
Machine Feature
This machine is a high speed and precise automatic ruler Screen Printing Machine,the printing precision can be up to <0.05mm,using Taiwan mechanical cam divider copmose high speed rotarytable,which have no shack when printing,installing auto-baiting and drying system to improve the printing quality. It's suitable for printing striangular ruler, straight rulers with 350mm or below.
Machine Advantage
1.With mirocomputer-controller, semi-automatic, utility function, and the operating procedures are flexible and reliable.
2.With function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front /back, avoiding printing ink partial solidification
3.With aluminum alloy structure frame and metal coating surface, the machine is easy to move but steady
4.Manual feeding, auto-baiting by manipulator with vacuum pad, and auto UV drying
5.Automatic ruler locating system ensures printing accuracy, "no product,no printing" system keeps printing stabely.
6.Using Taiwan LSK guide rail with self direction, making sure high precision
7.Vacuum equipment ensures the ruler to be in the same position during transmission
8.Up&down , left & right are equiped with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate working
Screen frame with mesh x 2 pieces
Squeegee x2 pieces
Tooling box x 1 piece
Tooling set x 1 piece

English manual x 1 piece

Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing MachineAutomatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Machine

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