Screen Printing Ink

  • Model Number: SR Series
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  • Product Description:Screen Printing Ink

Product name:Screen Printing Ink

Model Number: SR Series

Screen Printing Ink
Physically very fast drying,dries at 20℃ air temperature within 5-10min to be overprinted,at 50℃ in a tunnel dryer and stackable within 20-30 sec.With high dryer capacity and good ventilation provided,the drying temperature can be lowered to 40℃,for less material distortion.If the SR is mixed with hardener PUH,the drying time and block resistance of the ink is reduced.
Stress resistance
After proper and thorough drying,the ink film exhibits outstanding adhesion as well as rub,scratch,and block resistance and is weldable(SR 173 Black).SR colour shades have a high chemical resistance to petrol(except SR170).Due to its high pigmentation,Opaque White SR170 is unsuitable for moulding.Please use White SR070 or SR270 instead.To achieve a maximum rub resistance,the SR can be overvarnished with printing varnish SR910 or SR911.

The high gloss Marastar SR is the ideal solution for printing high quality labels,stickers,displays,industrial lettering of all kinds,scales,and memebrane switches.Marastar SR is highly block-resistant,considering that it is a high gloss ink,and excellently suited for fast printing machines such as flat-bed presses or fully automatic cylinder machines,but can also be used for manual printing or on semi-automatic machines.SR can also be processed with a spray gun,but preliminary trials are necessary for this process.We recommend to filter the thinned press-ready ink(25 μm screen)before processing,as otherwise there could be bubbles in the ink film.

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