Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine

  • Model Number: HS-1524/HS-1530/HS-2030
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  • Product Description:Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine
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Product name:Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine

Model Number: HS-1524/HS-1530/HS-2030

Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine
Model:HS-1524   USD1600
HS-1530   USD1600
HS-2030   USD1980
Max Pressure:2000kg
Electric Heating Plate Area:150*240mm 150*300mm 200*300mm
Working Table Area:320*355mm movable
Electrochemical Aluminum Trip:0~500mm landscape
Electrochemical Aluminum Motor:220V/11W a set
Power of Electric heating plate 220V 1000W
Temperature Adjustment: 0℃-300℃
Hot Stamping Speed:1500-2000pcs/hrs

Machine Size:720*670*890mm

Net Weigh:150kg/180kg
Volume Weight:170KG/200KG
The pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine HS-1524/HS-1530/HS-2030, which is reference the advance manual hot stamping machine from foreign, the advantages of this machine has beautiful design, easy to control, convenient to use, stable performance, this is a high performance automatic machine, it also can control the temperature, counting, journey and leapfrogging by itself.
This machine can hot stamping, embossing, even can printing the irregularity printing surface which the general hot stamping machine can’t print, If used correctly, technological mastery, can get a perfect hot stamping effect.
The scope of the machine is wide, you can use this machine for decoration pattern, worlds and combination of trademark on paper, leather, plastic, hard rubber, PVC soft rubber, wood, bamboo, photographs, fabric and craft ornaments, If use high temperature, high pressure and thick panels (e.g., magnesium board), you even can hot stamping concave and convex pattern on the leather, soft PVC without using the hot stamping foil, it is the essentials in printing, packaging, packaging, shoe industry.

The HS - 1524/HS - 1530/HS-2030 pneumatic hot stamping machine, is based on manual hot stamping machine equipped with pneumatic function, enable it to reduce the labor.

Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine

Pneumatic Hot Stamping MachinePneumatic Hot Stamping MachinePneumatic Hot Stamping Machine

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