Plate Press Machine

  • Model Number: PT110-3
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Product name:Plate Press Machine

Model Number: PT110-3

It will help you to leave the beautiful and clear picture on the ceramic plate we provide you. So do not hesitate. Plate press machine will press the picture printed out on ceramic plate in two minutes. The picture is not only clear and vivid, but durable. The electronic and digital control can easily adjust the voltage, and assure reliable performance.
Autoalarm plate is an indispensable article in the daily life. With the special transfer printing ink, plate press machine will make various patterns on purposemade plate. In this way, ordinary daily article will have its artistic quality and be pleasant to eyes, and be kept as good memory of touring, birthday ceremony and anniversary. You can also present it as good gift. It only takes 2-4 minutes to use plate press machine to press one porcelain plate.

●. Voltage: 220V /110V

●. Watts: 450W;

●. Size of heating plate: diameter 120mm/150mm/210mm;  

●. package Size of machine: 64X48X38CM

●. Weight: 20Kg;

●. Highest temperature: 399℃;

●. Time control: 0-999sec;

●. Temperature range: 0-240℃;

●. use high quality clock

●. more beautiful design

Plate Press Machine

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