New UV Curing Machine For Glass Bottles or Plastic Bottles

New UV Curing Machine For Glass Bottles or Plastic Bottles
1:The maximum size of drying (mm):Φ200*380 (bottle neck diameter *bottle’s high(mm) 
2: The conveyor speed (m/min):0-20 
3: The intermission time(S):0-6 intermite
4: The temperature for drying(℃): 40~80
5: The total power (KW):6.5
The UV light power(KW):5KW/each piece
The conveyor motor power (KW):0.75
The air blower power (KW):0.37
The friction motor efficiency(KW):0.04
6: The power(V/Hz):380V, 50HZ / 220V 50/60Hz 3phases
7: Machine Dimension(mm):2150X1155X1550
8: Net weight(kg):1100KG
9. Packing Size:244*123*180CM
The characteristic:
A.The strong irradiation UV light:The machine adopt the strong irradiation UV light, the light has three distinctions(low light, middle light, high light).You can choose the distinction of the UV light according to the different work pieces. However, the beginning just in the high light, if not the UV lamp will not work. The ampere meter can show the intensity of the light with each distinctions.
B.( The steady transmission, The stepless controlling speed, low noise) transmissible system.The transmissible system adopt the alternating-current machine to transmit conveyer, the speed can be controlled from 0 to 15m/min, the transmission is stabilization and low noise, the chain can be loosen or tighten, the operation is easy.
C、The aerator: The system adopt the low noise blower to take away the high temperature from the machine inside, and it will stop automatically when the temperature come down the safe scope if the outside electrical plug wasn’t be unpluged from the power! Attention: Please don’t unplug the outside electrical plug from the for protecting the UV lamp when the working time be finished! 

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