International Standard Color Card

  • Model Number: GP 1301
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  • Product Description:International Standard Color Card

Product name:International Standard Color Card

Model Number: GP 1301

International Standard Color Card
Pantone Color Card GP 1301
1.Identify the colors
2.Easy to operate
3.Eliminates guesswork in colour selection
Product Description
1. Printing vector: glossy art paper, offset paper or matte coated paper
2. Models: GG1201C/GP1201/GP1202/TPX/TC/FPP100, etc.
3. Specifications: sectorial binding
4. Place of Origin: United States
Weight and Type
GP1301: 0.74kg/ set
FGP100: 0.8kg/ set
FPP100: 3.9kg/ set
FFC105: 1.5kg/ set
1. Eliminates guesswork in colour selection and verification.
2. Broad range of chromatic and neutral colours thoroughly cover colour space.
3. Convenient, portable size.
4. Fan format makes it easy to locate desired colours.
5. Easy to communicate colours by distinct number or name.
6. Shows the effect of coated and uncoated stocks on each colour.
7. System supported by worldwide network of PANTONE Licensed Printing ink Manufacturers.
1. Identify the colors that inspired you and combined with the PANTONE colors, easily realize your inspiration
2. Combine two PANTONE Libraries in one single device
3. Audio response
4. Store the last 20 readings feature
5. Bigger multi-line display color data screen
6. Programmed screen function
7. Identify similar colors - lighter / darker colors, redder / greener colors, yellower / bluer colors, or other similar colors
8. Stylish protective case secure your Color Cue2 effectively
9. Ergonomic shape, easier to use
It's an essential tool to graphic designer, prepress professionals and printing manufacturers.
The PANTONE formula guide has been an essential tool for graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers for four decades. As today's converging workflows are making colour management more challenging than ever, the formula guide provides a consistent method for selecting and matching solid PANTONE Colours.
Its simple design provides a convenient and portable colour reference library that can accompany you at client presentations or on press runs. The guide contains a full range of 1, 114 colours from the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, with corresponding ink mixing formulas in parts and percentages.
The latest edition now includes an RGB icon indicating colours achievable on-screen. Colours that bear both the RGB and CMYK icons are ideal choices for designs that will span cross-media.

Other recent enhancements include larger format with more colour area, improved readability of colour data and better accessibility to all colours.

International Standard Color Card

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