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Indonasia customer's training on screen printing disposible paper cups

Indonasia customer's training on screen printing disposible paper cups

Indonesia customer together with his Colleague visited LC printing Machine Factory Limited dated on 19th, June, 2012. They are coming for the Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine model 250AB’s printing and training on the disposable paper cups. Besides paper cups printing, They are in details testing on machine’s operation, control panel function, how to adjust the working table, the printing stroke, how to install the fixture tooling etc.. At the same time, our engineers has presented him how to install the cylindrical working table, oval working table and how to change from oval working table into flat working table. They are good learners. He spent 1 hour and have a fully acquaint to his machine’s adjustment for printing different kinds of bottles, cups and containers. He is very much satisfy on the multi functional of our machines and the machine’s flexible adjustment.

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