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Four Column Big Area Screen Printing Machine with Sliding Table

  • Model Number: SPV-1012
  • Category: Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine
  • Views: 233
  • Product Description:Four Column Big Area Screen Printing Machine with Sliding Table
This type of big area plane screen printing machine is suitable for precise screen printing on substrates in door glass,car glass, furniture glass, household appliances industry. It is widely used in decoration industry and advertising.
Main Features
1.Four-column structure , dual electromotion  , PLC program control, human-machine operation interface panel . 
2.Aluminum printing beam, machine nose, halftone folder.                                         
3.Inverter motor drive printing knife shelf, precision square linear rail guide guiding, adjust speed and stroke independently
4. Halftone is drived up and down by variable speed gear motor, high precision and move smoothly.
5.The overall grinding high strength and hardness platform, uniform suction hole, with attached precision fine-tuning handle, chromatography of convenience .
6. Sino-foreign joint strength vacuum pump, vacuum strength to ensure the accurate multi-color chromatography.
7. With manual / semi / fully automatic three kinds of printing modes, automatic printing time is controlled by digital indirectly (1 ~ 9 seconds)
8. Independent design halftone folder devices, pneumatic locking halftone device, squeegee /ink -return blade to 
ensure  easily  clean halftone handling .
9. Install Halftone adjustment device around halftone clamps forward and backward, easy adjustment                      
10.The angle of printing & ink-return  can be adjusted ,left/right parallel device. 

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