Ball Pen Automatic Screen Printing Machine

  • Model Number: BG2-80
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  • Product Description:Ball Pen Automatic Screen Printing Machine
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Product name:Ball Pen Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Model Number: BG2-80

Ball Pen Automatic Screen Printing Machine
1: Printing color: 1 color
2: Printed product diameter: 5-20 mm
3: Printing product length: 60-160mm
4: Printing area length: 0-80mm
5: Printing speed: 6000-8000 PCS/HR
6: Power supply: 220V/110 V, 50/60HZ
7: Power consumption: 6.3KW
8: Weight: 630 kg
9: Machine size: 3200 x 1120 x 1520 mm
10:IR Drying Furnace
13: Tail with automatic counting function
14. Gross weight: 730KG
1. One person operates, two rails run at the same time, stop at any time, wipe the screen, add ink, the printed matter in the oven will not be scorched and deformed;
2. The pen-bar workpiece with a certain slope can be printed arbitrarily with a maximum taper of 3 degrees.
3. The printing seat has the function of vacuum suction, and the positioning of the workpiece is more accurate and reliable.
4. High-speed printing: 6000-8000 pieces per hour;
5. Double scraper design, printing, ink coating cleaner and more reliable;
Basic functions:
Full electric control, no need of compressed air, automatic positioning;
Fully automatic top and bottom feeding, single, double, monochrome and double color printing;
Running smoothly and smoothly, printing stroke and speed can be adjusted at will.
Taiwan Inverter controls constant torque operation and ensures consistent printing effect.
The printing and drying are accomplished synchronously by using IR infrared or UV (plus) ultraviolet drying system.
It can be widely used in original ballpoint pen, hydrolytic pen, pencil, marker pen, whiteboard pen, neutral pen and signature.

High speed printing of objects such as stylus, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, medical test tube and so on.

Ball Pen Automatic Screen Printing Machine

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