Autotype Plus 8000 Screen Emulsion

  • Model Number: Plus 8000
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  • Product Description:Autotype Plus 8000 Screen Emulsion

Product name:Autotype Plus 8000 Screen Emulsion

Model Number: Plus 8000

Autotype Plus 8000 Screen Emulsion
PLUS 8000 is a very high quality, high solids emulsion that is resistant to both water and solvent based inks. PLUS 8000 will give a slightly higher print quality than PLUS 7000.
PLUS 8000 is designed to give the highest quality printing combined with the maximum durability. PLUS 8000 has a solids content of 38% and is highly resistant to the most aggressive solvent, UV curing and water based inks. It has a wide exposure latitude, is easily decoatable and uses direct addition diazo for maximum consistency of viscosity. When processed correctly on high tension mesh PLUS 8000 gives a very hard stencil, which is particularly recommended for applications where the very highest print durability and print quality is required.
Please note for applications that require very high flexibility on a low tension/coarse mesh then it is recommended to use PLUS 2000 or PLUS TX (USA only).
Reliability for long run printing with a wide range of solvent based, water based and co-solvent inks, the highest print quality from an emulsion.
Resistance to a wide range of water, solvent and co-solvent inks makes PLUS 8000 a suitable direct photostencil for most high quality screen printing applications, such as, electronics, ceramics etc.
Additional Information
See section 'How to use PLUS emulsions' for detailed advice.

Plus 8000 Clear is also available in the USA

Autotype Plus 8000 Screen Emulsion

Autotype Plus 8000 Screen Emulsion

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