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Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer

  • Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer
  • Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer
  • Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer
  • Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer
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Product name:Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer

Model Number: SGL-104

Automatic 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer  (CNC Printing Machine)
Product Name: 4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer
Model: SGL-104
4 Color CNC Bottle Screen Printer
The  4 color CNC Bottle screen printer   (CNC Printing Machine)can print all shapes of glass containers.
It can decorate container with or without ramp which is for Color registration. It is suitable for glass bottle
printing with thermoplastic ink,UV ink or LED ink. The CNC screen printer is controlled by high accurate
indexer,fully servo driven system.Vision system and mechanical registration optional.
The auto 4 color bottle screen printer is designed for 4 colors decoration of all shapes of glass bottles,
cups,mugs at high production speed. Mostly used for wine bottles printing. It can print any shape of containers
all around at one time printing.
1.Automatic loading and unloading system with multi axis servo robot
2.Indexing table system with best accuracy
3.Automatic printing system with all servo driven: printing head,mesh frame,rotation,container up/down
all driven by servo motors.
4.All tooling with individual servo motor driven for rotation
5.Fast tooling changeover time, All parameters automatic setting by touch screen. .
6.All Ethercat servo motors with industrial PLC control & touch screen operation system, it is available for future
maintenance and   program upgrading by romote controlling.
7.Safety operation with CE
8.Can use normal ink or thermo plastic ink or UV ink.
1.Camera vision system to check the mold line for cylindrical bottles, to avoid printing on the line
2.Flame treatment system for best adhesion on glass for UV ink printing
3.Electrode UV system from Europe for SGL-03 to SGL-05 colors machine. SGL-06 to SGL-08 can only be
equipped with heating system for thermo plastic ink due to the packing size.
1:Max.Printing size: Round bottle: φ30mm--φ100mm 
Square bottle width:25-100mm
Bottle height: 25-330mm
2:Printing Speed: 1800-3000pcs/Hr
3.Air Pressure: 0.6-0.7 Mpa
4.Net Weight: 3500Kg
5.Power: 380V 50Hz 25Kw

6.Machine Size: φ2500mm*2200mm(height)

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