2016 New Large Size 3D film Sublimation Vacuum Heat Transfer Machine

2016 New Large Size 3D film Sublimation Vacuum Heat Transfer Machine

Technical Parameters and function:
Product Alias:   Industrial 3D Vacuum Heat Transfer Machine
Work side:       Double side
Switch control:  LC
Voltage: 380V
Vacuum pump:     6pcs
Heating power:   12KW
Vacuum flow: 132L/min
Temperature Range:0-250℃
ppearance structure:Steel
Time Range:      0-999S
Outer dimension: 200x200x140cm
Transfer size:   A2
Tray of Machine: 4pcs
Heat transfer material:Sublimation paper/ film
Net weight: 750KG
Printed form:    Arbitrary shape
Packing: Plywood box
Preheating:      Support
Packing size: 200x210x160cm
Heating way :    the far-infrared
Applications Range: phone case, ipad
1、PLC microcomputer switch control, the operation is simple and convenient.
2、Built 4 pieces of A2 trays, each A2 tray can put 8 pieces of the phone covers, truly achieve film printing phone cases with mass production
3、A2 tray patented design, precise positioning, no need buckle, easy to operate.
4、CNC processing of aluminum alloy material tray, perfectly solve the problem of edge following from stretching.
5、Automatic bilateral works, greatly improve the work efficiency and save labor.
6、Powerful PID temperature control system, made temperature control more accurate and uniform.
7、Bilateral with film preheat function to achieve suction vacuum before softening film, to achieve the best transfer efficiency.
8、High-power vacuum pump to ensure enough suction for perfect film printing Phone Case on the edge.

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