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Stationery Ruler High Speed Screen Printing Machine with Auto Baiting

  • Model Number: SP-2030V4-AB
  • Category: Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine
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  • Product Description:Stationery Ruler High Speed Screen Printing Machine with Auto Baiting
Stationery Ruler Hight Speed Screen Printing Machine with Auto Baiting
This machine is a high speed and precise screen printer,the printing precision can be up to <0.05mm,using Taiwan mechanical cam divider copmose high speed rotarytable,which have no shack when printing,installing auto-baiting and drying system to improve the printing quality.When printing,you can bait and feed products,reducing the stop time of the machine.The speed is quickly,can be up to 3500PCS/Hr,It is first choice for you to do large quantity printing.
Printing Color:Single Color
Max printing Size:200*300mm
Max print speed:2800PCS/Hr
Rotarytable Workstation:4 PCS
Power:110/220V 1KW 
Place of orignal:China 
packing:Plywooden Case
Payment terms:TT/LC
Delivery terms:By Sea or By Air 
Delivery date:Stock and hand 
Function introduction: 
1.High speed cam divider rotary worktable 
2.Using Taiwan LSK guide rail with self direction, making sure high precision
3.The X and Y direction of the worktable can be adjusted, the precision can be up to 0.01mm
4.Big vacuum system
5.No need to make jigs for kinds of stationery rulers, change quickly
6.Speed: 2800pcs/hr 
7.With the function of no printing when no work pieces, reduce the trouble of cleaning screen frame 
8.Auto-baiting by manipulator with vacuum pad
9.Power: 110/220V 50-60M/HZ

10.It's suitable for printing set squares, straight rulers,protractors with 350mm or below and other flat products.

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