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Soft Tube Labeling Machine with Touch Screen

  • Model Number: LM-41900
  • Category: Semi Auto Labeling Machine
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  • Product Description:Soft Tube Labeling Machine with Touch Screen
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Soft Tube Labeling Machine with Touch Screen
This machine is upgraded model of LM-41900 Semi-auto Labeling Machine for Soft Tube , install more one set high quality Touch Screen .
The same price, more high quality .
1. Suitable for Soft Tube such as maquillage, facial cleanser, medicine, etc
2.Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which can highly
improve productivity and product quality.
1. Suitable for labeling Soft Tube object in different sizes.
2. Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts.
3. Putting the Soft Tube to the holder by manual and fix the bottle; pressing the off-on switch;
4. Small size labeling machine, control by high quality touch screen, easy to operate
1.Label width: 20-200mm
2.Label length:20-320mm
3.Products Diameter: φ8mm - φ100mm
4.Products Heigth: 10mm -200mm
5.Max Outside diameter of label roll: φ240mm
6.Inside diameter of label roll: φ76mm
7.Max Labeling speed:25 m/min
8.Accuracy of labeling:±1mm
9.Power: 110V/220V 50/60Hz 145W
10.Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 mpa
11.Machine Dimension: 680mm x 660mm x 780 mm
12. Machine Net Weihgt : 73 KG
Gross weight :130KG
13.Packing Size: 91*81*83CM

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