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Semi Auto Screen Printing Machine with Auto Manipulator

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Semi Auto Screen Printing Machine with Auto Manipulator
Technical Parameters
Model  No.:HSP-2030M 
Max.Printing Size:200x300mm
Vertical Stroke:800MM
Transverse Stroke:400mm
Air Pressure:5-6 bar
Worktable size:600mm
Max.Printing Height of Product:50mm
Transverse Driving Style:Electronic
Vertical Driving Style:  Pneumatic
Workstation: 4pcs
Printing Color: One color
Machine size: 120*100*150cm

Packing Size:167*140*174CM
Net Weight:480KG
Gross Weight:530KG
Printing speed: 2000-2500PCS/hr
Automatic Grade:Semi-automatic
Warranty: One year
Soft and thin products such as paper, plastics film ;signs and panels, textiles,garments, plastic sheets, Metal sheet,glass sheet and advertising materials, printed circuits, light boxes and so on
Metal Sheet Screen Printing Machine with Auto sucker manipulator  adopts Mechanical cam separator from Taiwan to make rotary table. The Flat Silk Screen Printer is rotating with stability while proceeding with uploading and downloading the products during printing,with which the machine could work continuously.
1. SCM IC coordinates light-touch panel to compile programmable actions.
2. Auto 4-digit conter built-in to calculate printing quantity
3. Airframes adopts aluminum casting and with metal coating surface
4. Double cylinders up& down structures ensures printing precisions and stability
5. Left & right stroke, squeegee and ink tool positions could be adjusted
6. Pneumatic squeegee constant pressure device ensures the pressure stability during processing.
7. T-slot worktable brings convenience to load and unload jig
8. Up&down are equiped with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate working shock.
1.Screen frame with mesh x 1 piece
2.Squeegee x 1 piece
3.Tooling box x 1 piece

4.English manual x1 piece

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