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Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamper with Conveyer

  • Model Number: 2A/C
  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamper with Conveyer
Pneumatic Flat Hot Stamper with Conveyer
Price Term:FOB GuangZhou
Payment Terms:TT/LC 
Packing:Wooden case 
Lead Time:Within 10 days 
Standards Certificate:CE 
Usage:Cap gilding;Toy gilding, small object gilding;Small plastics part gidling 
Technical Parameter:
1. Hot plate area:100×150 mm 
2. Working table area:75 ×125mm 
3. Max printing pressure:2,000-3000 Kg 
4. Up and down distance:45mm 
5. Heat wattage:1000W 
6. Foil in feed: Motor Drive 
7. Temperature adjustment:0-300oC .
8. Station Number: 8. 
9. Stamping Head drive:Pneumatic-drive
10.Foil collecting method: Morot-drive , Collecting time adjustable
11.Temperature controlling: Heating tube heat up,Automatically temperature 
controlling,temperature free setting 
12.Press adjustment way :Up-down of working table 
13.Working table :Micro-adjustment device 
14.Usage: Small object gilding ,Woodware Baking,Plastics Bronzing 
Production Advantage ︰ 
1. Microcomputer control run.
2 Heating thermostat temperature stability.
3 Vertical pressure cylinder design, strong pressure.
4 Stamping pressure, temperature, hot pressing time is adjustable.
5 Three-dimensional and angle can be adjusted.
6 Automatic document feeder, the collection of paper, and adjustable.
7 Can be implemented in accordance with requirements of the installation of photocell pitch 
8 Stamping head height can be flexibly adjusted.
9.Conveyer table, Saving preparation time gilt, greatly improved production efficiency.

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