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Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer For Long Tube

  • Model Number: 400S
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  • Product Description:Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer For Long Tube
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Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer For Long Tube
1.Max. printing height: 400mm;
2.Max. Printing diameter: 30mm;
3.Max. printing speed: 1300pcs/hr;
4.Wattage: 220/110V 60/50Hz;
5.Air consume: 80Litre/min(6bar);
6.Outer dimension: 150x80x133mm
7. Weight: 230kg

1 Microprocessor control and easy operation;
2 5-digit auto counter built in;
3 Auto ink squeegeeing and flooding and worktable elevating;
4 Auto balanced squeegee to ensure equalized printing pressure;
5 Worktable can be adjusted up/down and left/right ;
6 Printing stroke and speed are adjustable ;
7 Safety guard is equipped to meet CE standard .
8 Gemany Festo and Japan SMC cylinder and air valves.
Machine Fittings:
1. One frame,
2. One tool box,
3. 1 inch squeegee.
4. One jar.
Packing Dimension:
Gross Weight:
Product Description:

This machine is designed for precise printing of slim, long shafts and Cylindrical forms which with smooth curve surface such as fish pole, golf clubs, cue, Golfball Rod, Fishing Rod, LED Tubes light, Water Pipe, and any kinds of long tube product printing with long printing size. It is also featured by its 360 degree printing and one fixture is suitable for all diameter is within 130mm whole circle or half circle single color and multicolor printing!

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