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Large Format Glass Screen Printing Machine with Shuttle WorkTable

  • Model Number: SP-10200
  • Category: Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine
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  • Product Description:Large Format Glass Screen Printing Machine with Shuttle WorkTable
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Large Format Glass Screen Printing Machine with Shuttle WorkTable
Model:                        SP-10200
Condition:                   New
Automatic                  Grade:Semi Automatic
Color & Page:            Single Color
Voltage:                     380V
Gross Power:             5.6 KW
Dimensions(L*W*H): 2600*1500*1680mm
Weight:                      750kg
Warranty:                  one year
Printing area:              2000*1000mm
Maximal frame:          1350*2430mm
Printing thickness:      30mm
Working Table Size:   1100*2100mm
Printing frequency:     700Hr
Overprint accuracy:    0.01mm
Flat precision:            +-0.01mm
Printing pressure:       0.6-0.8kg/square cm
Packaging Details:
wooden case:
Dimension 2800*1700*1880mm
Weight:     770kg
Payment Terms:
1. Scope of application:
1)This screen printing machine series are widely used in the electronics, advertising,
package printing, sports equipment, toys, stationary gifts, metal processing industries.
2)Suitable for printing on all kinds of flat materials, print on metal, glass, wood,
paper, plastics, membranes switch, PCB, DC card,nameplate ,also printing on bags,non-
woven fabrics, ceramic decals, glazing plate glass, label and panel , refrigerator and
air-conditioner decals,plastic sheet, and other products with the material of  PVC, which
have high requirement in overprinting.
2. Feature:
1).The platform is adjustable and moveable, equipped with auto take-off system ,which
make it convenient to take the material.
2).vertical structure, printing plate moves up and down vertically, printing stroke isdriven by imported electrical components.
3).It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control circuit, printing and plate moving up &down are driven by independent Current Source.
4).Screen Printing blade moving up and down is pneumatic controlled, printing stroke is controlled by photoelectric eyes, with independent adjustment.
5).Procedures set three-mode, manual / semi-automatic /automatic settings, the timeinterval during printing is digital controlled.
6).Independent designed machine head moves up and down, which makes it easy to unload and clean the printing plate, scraper / ink reclaiming blade.

7).Double guide column master the clamps arm, and install the adjusting device to adjust the distance between plates at the same time, which is convenient to tune.

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