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Industrial High Temperature Ovens

  • Model Number: IR-DB201
  • Category: Drying Oven
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  • Product Description:Industrial High Temperature Ovens
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Industrial High Temperature Ovens
1: Power:-380 V,3 Phase 50Hz;
2: Power Rating: 2 to 20 KW;
3: Rated temperature: room temperature to 200.C;
4: Warming: Rated temperature to room temperature 25 minutes
5: Furnace temperature:+_5.C;
6: Heating method for heat conduction
7: Machine inner size:800(deep)×1200(width)×1500 (height) mm
8: Machine Outer Dimension:1050×1550×2200 mm
9.Packing Size:1840*1020*2110 mm
10:Net Weight:380 KG
11.Gross Weight:463 KG
1: The cabinet is made of composite materials, stainless steel and galvanized inner, filled with insulation materials with good insulation effect.
2: Equipped with imported insulation materials, high accurate temperature control and wide temperature ranges
3: Equipped with exhaust tunnel for easy eliminating the air inside the cabinet.
4: The good design hot air circulation system for assuring substrate being dried and heated evenly.
5: Equipped with ultra-high-temperature alarming system, with safety explosion -proof door on the backend, beyond the standard pressure will bounce automatically
Industrial High Temperature Ovens

Industrial High Temperature OvensIndustrial High Temperature OvensIndustrial High Temperature OvensIndustrial High Temperature Ovens

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