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Hot Stamping Machine for Round Caps

  • Model Number: 6BC-150-Caps
  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Hot Stamping Machine for Round Caps
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Name:Hot Stamping Machine for Round Caps
1:Max.printing size:Φ40X70mm
3:Machine size(LxWxH):117X75X160cm
4:Net Weight:380kg
5:Air Pressure(bar):5-7bar 
6:Power: 220V/50Hz 2kw 
7: Motor Rate:1600W
8: Up and Down Pressure: 117kg
9: Packing Szie:122*82*170CM
10.Gross Weight:310KG
11.New Weight: 280KG
 1:Max.printing size:Φ100X70mm;
3:Machine size(LxWxH):117X75X160cm
4: Hot stamping stroke: 360MM
5:Air Pressure(bar):5-7bar 
6:Power: 220V/50Hz 3.5kw 
7: Motor Rate:1800W
8: Up and Down Pressure: 117kg
9: Packing Szie:162*92*170CM
10.Gross Weight:420KG
11.New Weight: 360KG 
Hot Stamping Machine model 6BC-150-A for Round Caps is reformed on a basis of 6BC,which makes greater improvements on the operations, appearance, technical performance, etc.; which has increase the loading&unloading grooves in watering shape; which is equipped with pneumatic control to save labour and show the high speed& performance. It will be used to hot-stamp the round caps. 

Hot Stamping Machine for Round Caps adopts the rail propping device and has such features as bearing high pressure&high precision of sliding. It also adopts sloping feeder of disparting the materials to reduce the friction of the caps. Meanwhile, the machine is controlled by pneumatic parts, which will work stably.It is very convenient to change the toolings and easily maintain for the circuit is controlled by the relay. Besides, it have such features as high speed, good performance, safety operation, No Caps no foiling, low consumption and high efficiency.And it is very easy to operate it.

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