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Hot Stamping Machine for Cloth Strip

  • Model Number: HSS-44
  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Hot Stamping Machine for Cloth Strip
Hot Stamping Machine for Cloth Strip
Machine Parameter: 
1. Power supply:220V 50HZ 
2. Power of heating:1200W 
3. Max pressure:0.7-0.8mpa 
4. Hot stamping head throw:80mm 
5. Constant temperature motor:25W 
6. Foil winding motor:25W 
7. 180W Speed-control motor: 180W 
8. Paper feeding method: Automatic 
9. Temperature range: Room temperature 0-300°C 
10. Weight:320kg 
11. Overall size:1200*600*1600mm 
Product advantage: 
1. It is electrically controlled with easy operation. 
2. Hot stamping head can be adjusted for work pieces of different thickness. 
3. 0-20m/min;Adjustable hot stamping temperature, pressure and speed: 0-20m/min; 
4. Worktable can be adjusted back and forth and can be fine adjusted left and right. 
5. It can be operated in continuous, manual and automatic modes. 
6. Paper feeding and receiving are adjustable and automatic.
Product description: 
It is widely used for continuous hot stamping and hot transfer printing of strip shaped products

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