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High Precision Semi Auto Flat Labeling Machine

  • Model Number: LM-30313
  • Category: Semi Auto Labeling Machine
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  • Product Description:High Precision Semi Auto Flat Labeling Machine
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High Precision Semi Auto Flat Labeling Machine
This is High Precision Semi-Auto Flat Labeling Machine , it's applied to label the self-adhesive label on various flat surface small and
precise products, as electronic component , instrument , USB flash disk ,battery , SD card ,etc.
This machine is widely used in electrical , pharmacy, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic and chemical etc industries.
1.Suitable for labeling all small and  precise objects with flat surface
2.Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts.
3. All metal are made of 304 stainless steels with surface finishing and special treatment, so this machine’s    quality can be guaranteed.
4. Small size labeling machine, very easy to operate.
1.Label width:  5-70mm
2.Label length:10-60mm
3.Products Diameter:
Length: 20mm-200mm
Width: 20mm-180mm
Thickness: 0.2mm-75mm
4.Max Outside diameter of label roll: φ240mm
5.Inside diameter of label roll: φ76mm
6.Max Labeling speed: 30pcs /min
7.Accuracy of labeling:±0.1mm
8.Power: 220V/110V 50/60Hz    145W
9.Air Pressure: 4- 6 bar  or  0.4 -0.6 Mpa
10.Machine Net Weihgt : 72KG  Gross Weight:80KG
11.Machine Dimension: 550mm x 420mm x 780 mm

12.Pack Size:65*55*90CM

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