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Golf Tees Fully Automatic Pad Printing Machine

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Golf Tees Fully Automatic Pad Printing Machine
Automatic loading and unloading, PLC controls each function, touch screen operation, simple and convenient.
Touch screen features counter, fault alarm information.
Reciprocating scraper with oil bottles, ink saving, environmental effect.
Printing speed is adjustable to meet different printing requirements.
Bench can be adjusted X, or Y ﹑ Z-axis direction.
Printed tube position is adjustable to accommodate different lengths of printed workpiece.
Fuselage made of high quality aluminum alloy, light and durable.
Built-hydraulic buffers to reduce mechanical vibrations and reduce noise.

Plate Size:                                                   260*100mm
Color:                                                         1Color
Ink Cup Diameter:                                       Ø90mm
Maximum Diameter:                                     Ø80mm
Rubber Pad Up and Down Stoke:                80mm
Rubber Pad Angle Adjust:                            Angle360
Working table angle adjust:                           Angle±5
Maximum Golf Tee Length:                          50-90mm
Rubber Pad Printing Pressure(N/6bar/hour): 1178N
Maximum Speed:                                         1850PCS/Hr
Air pressure:                                                 5-7 Bar
Air consumption:                                           0.82Litre/Circle
Power supply:                                               110/220V±10%
Power Rate:                                                  1500W
Noise:                                                           <75
Machine Dimension:                                      180*115*150CM
Machine Weight:                                           485KG
Packing size:                                                 196*131*175cm

Gross Weight:                                               700KG

Golf Tees Fully Automatic Pad Printing Machine

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