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Fully Automatic Screen Printer For GLass Bottles

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Fully Automatic Screen Printer For GLass Bottles (Glass Tumbler,Wine Bottle)
1. Product Outlook: ink Cylindrical
2. Printing Size: Max Dia.80mm
3. Printing Length: Max. Length:300mm
4. Printing Colors:1-4 Colors
5. Maximum Frame Size: 600*320mm
6. Working Capactiy: 900pcs/hour
7. Frame Heating Power rate: 2.2KW
8. Power Supply: 220V 1-phase 50Hz
9. Air Compressor: 5-7 Bar
10: Total Power Rate: 2.8KW
11: Machine Dimension:2300×1000×1700mm
12.4 Color Machine Packing Size:325*127*186CM
13.Net weight :1100KG(4 Color)

14.Gross weight:1247KG(4 Color)


1.Aluminium alloy structure frame;
2.Automatic feeding, transportation,screen printing, drying;
3.One time loading objects and muti-colour overprint. fit printing objects without orientation point and hole;
4.PLC controlling and touch-screen operation technology;
5.World famous brand pneumatic part and electron parts;
6.High printing efficiency and high printing precision;

7.Designed for printing objects without orientation hole and point overprint precision and have high printing speed. automatics feeding and loading for muti-colour screen printing ,especial fit printing glass bottle.8.High temperature glass ink to be solved while printing.

Products Description:

S-303 is a fully automatic 1-4 color glass bottle silk screen printing machines. The major application of this machine is for the printing of beer bottle,drinks bottle and water glass, cup, ceramtic vase etc. The feasure characteristic of this machine is to applies simple solution to solve registration positionaing problem.Adopt the high temparature glass ink, printed by heating melted glaze. After finsih printing, taking the final step of drying burning process with high temapature stove so as to make the ink completly melting with the substrate. The screen frame is being used recylce. You will be astonished by the printing quality as well as the low printing cost and environmental protection. The Glaze was meted.

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