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Four Colors Automatic Pad Printers for Bottle Caps

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Four Colors Semi Automatic Pad Printers for Bottle Caps
1:Plate size:100*150MM
2:working capacity: 7800pcs
3:Machine Dimension:320*170*138CM
5: Air Pressure: 5-7 Bar
6: Power Suply: 220V/2.5KW
Our corporation has many years experiences in making treatment and printing in the PP/PE-Covers which is used in drink, food, medicine and cream industries. We have manufactured the automatic pad printing machine for PP/PE-Covers in recent years. The departments are: feeder, presser, printer, heater, remover,counter; they can be operated independently or dependently. The printing quality is the same as offset printing on paper, the ink can stick on the cover very well. It is better than made by Europe or America because the printing quality and agility and the treatment parts is composed by corona equipment and the low cost of the printing plates. It is popular in many countries now! The operation is easy, so the drink and cover industries company adopted the printer ideally. And our company sell all the raw printing materials too.

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