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Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine with Vacuum Table

  • Model Number: 1100
  • Category: Cylindrical Screen Printer
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  • Product Description:Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine with Vacuum Table
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Flat Bed Screen Printer with Vacuum Table
1. Printing high:230mm; 
2. Air :105Liter/Min; 
3. Max printing area:300×1200mm; 
4. Max Frame dimension: 350×1250mm; 
5. Max printing speed:540PCS/hr ; 
6. Max Stroke of up-and-down frame:200mm; 
7. Max stroke od Squeegee:900mm.
8. Packing size:192*97*175CM
9.Gross Weight:587KG
1.Fully automatic control by microcomputer & easy handling 
2.Four figures automatic counter 
3.Round printing function (taper section) 
4.Automaticoil scrabbing, oil return and lifting table 
5.Adujustability of routs and speeds 
6.Self-poise scraper to balance printing pressure 
7.Adjustable table and screen frame; 
8.High precision and easy & quick adjustability ; 
9. With vacuum table to fit printing soft and thin substrates
Application Scope: 
Suitable for precise printing on any flat surface of various materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic,glass, wood etc..

Be widely used in electronic industry, advertising, packing & printing, sports equipment, toy, stationery, gifts, industrial arts fields etc..Printing objects such as decal, cards, transfer paper, paster, sticker, PVC/PET/PC films, metal nameplate etc which are made of non-deforming materials. 

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