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Economical 6 Color Pad Printing Machine with Shuttle Workingtable

  • Model Number: EP6S-200
  • Category: Tampo Printing Machine
  • Views: 97
  • Product Description:Economical 6 Color Pad Printing Machine with Shuttle Workingtable
This Pad Printer is fited pad printing plastic products, same as toyes, gift products, pen, PE products, golf ball package products,hosehold, stationery, pen, ball, electron products, mobile phone, bottle. Metals products, furniture fittings.
1. Model No:EP6S-200
2. Operation:pneumatic
3. Worktable area:90:125mm
4. Plate Area:100*200mm
5. Max Printing Area:80*180mm
6. Printing Speed:900CS/H
7. Power Support:220V/110V 50-60 MHZ
8. Air Support:6 Bar
Machine fitting:
1. 6 pcs steel plate
2. 6 pcs rubber pad
3. Work box
4. English operating instruction
1. Controlled by microprocessor, easy operation, running stably and accurately.
2. 4-digit auto counter built-in.
3. Cast aluminum machine frame, low weight and high intensity, turnable machine head.
4. Separate adjustment of the pad up/down stroke speed.
5. ink scraper is auto balance keeping in printing.
6. With the function of ink scraping nonstop without printing in order to prevent ink from drying.
7. Ink cup is turnable and adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction.
8. Super long slide stroke to print large size workpiece.
9. Speed of every single pneumatic organ is adjustable.

10.6-colour, 5 colour, 4-color, 2-color and 1-color printing

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