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Count wheels Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

  • Model Number: AHP-CW
  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Count wheels Automatic Hot Stamping Machine
Count wheels Automatic Hot Stamping Machine
Main Features & Technical Specifications
Automatic loading & unloading device,PLC control system,touch sreccn operation panel,User friendly.Including semi-auto., auto., JOG operation options.
Touch screen built in 6 counter , fault alarm message etc.
Motor & photoelectric sensor control feeding foils, with AFTC function(auto. friction tension control system for foils).
Use precision pressure regulator valve to control printing cylinder action, accurately control printing cylinder's pressure;Servo motor drive printing head assembly movement.
The structure of Rubber roller solftly touching workpiece, reduce punching pressure for workpiece,enhance the stablity & smoothness during in movement.
Non-touch  type of  infrared themal detector with high accuracy, Electronic temperature regulator easily operated for user.
Technical Specifications
Rubber roller size (mm):ø100×60
Themal detecting accuracy(℃):±2
Printing output (pcs/h):10000-12000
Min.width for foil (mm):42
                        foil width less than 64mm
Themal controller (℃):0-400
Power supply:220V 50Hz 2.2KW
Compressed air pressure (bar):5~7
Machine size L×W×H (mm):1600*1100*1859

Machine net weight (kg):495

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