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Automatic Rolling Hot Stamping Machines on Plastic Caps

  • Model Number: H-TBD-06
  • Category: Auto Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Automatic Rolling Hot Stamping Machines on Plastic Caps
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Automatic Rolling Hot Stamping Machines on Plastic Caps
This machine is designed for fully automatic rolling foil stamping on those round and irregular caps. It is ideal for those medium and lager enterprise in the field of cosmetic bottles and caps manufacturer or printing industry.
1: Total consume Wattage: 2.2KW;
2. Stamping temperature Rnange:20-300°C;
3. Compress air Pressure:0.6MPA;
4. Products Diameter:DIA:15-34MM L:25-60MM
5. Max stamping Speed:4200pcs/hr
6. Outer dimension: 210*140*230CM
7. Power:380V/50HZ/3PHRASES
8. Net weight(kg) : 800KG
9. Goss Weight(KG):900KG
1. Silicon Rolling foil stamping system for assuring perfect stamping quality.
2: Fully automatic loading and feeding system for mostly degree of saving labor cost and most efficiency.
3: PLC control system, with no caps no print,counting,code setting, maintainance,temperature control, automatic alarming system etc.
4: International Famous pneumatic parts included Japan SMC cylinder, valves, Germany OMERON sensors etc.
5: Japan and Taiwan famous brand DEFOILER motor,STEPPER MOTOR, vacuum pump motor etc.
6: SCHNEIDER OR PANOSONIC key eletrical components
7. Safe protection device installed.
8: Guarrantee: 1 years

9: Free techical and operation Training available.

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