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4 Colors Glass Bottles Automatic Screen Printing Machine with LED UV Curing System

  • Model Number: S-304LED
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing Machine
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  • Product Description:4 Colors Glass Bottles Automatic Screen Printing Machine with LED UV Curing System
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4 Colors Glass Bottles Automatic Screen Printing Machine with LED UV Curing System
Technical Parameters:
1. Product Outlook: ink Cylindrical
2. Printing Size: Max Dia.80mm
3. Printing Length: Max. Length:300mm
4. Working Capactiy: 900pcs/hour
5.  LED Curing System
6. Power Supply: 220V 1-phase 50Hz
7. Air Compressor: 5-7 Bar
8: Total Power Rate: 2.8KW
10: Machine Dimension:2300 × 1000 × 1700mm
11. LED LAMP:1000W
12: Net Weight:900KG
13:Gross Weight:1013KG
14:Packing Size:265*127*189CM
1.Aluminium alloy structure frame;
2.Automatic feeding, transportation,screen printing, drying;
3.One time loading objects and muti-colour overprint. fit printing objects without orientation point and hole;
4.PLC controlling and touch-screen operation technology;
5.World famous brand pneumatic part and electron parts;

6.High printing efficiency and high printing precision;

Product Description:

Designed for printing on those bottles without registration mark but request multi color's printing. This machine is featured by high overprint precision and have high printing speed; automatics feeding and loading system; It is perfect for prinitng on those round and conical shape bottles such as glass bottles,ceramic bottles, soft tubes, sport bottles etc.


Full-automatic three colors bottle screen printing machine is the newly patent , it mainly used for the wine bottle , drinking bottle , glass bottle printing . It used the simple way to solve the difficult that no register chromatically printing .

Technique: This automatic glass bottles silk screen printing machine is upgraded with LED curing system which is fitting for the glass bottles's printing with both high temparature ink(thermal plastic) as well as LED UV Glass Ink. For using the traddition thermal plastic materials, it should attached with 30 meters length with at least of 580 degree oven turnel, the quality will be resisted of knife scratching) For LED UV ink printing on the glass bottles, it needs to be cured with 5KW UV oven, and the quality will be resisted of thumb scratching and chemical immersion. For UV dryer.

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