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LED Flat UV Curing Equipment

  • LED Flat UV Curing Equipment
  • LED Flat UV Curing Equipment
  • LED Flat UV Curing Equipment
  • LED Flat UV Curing Equipment
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  • Product Description:LED Flat UV Curing Machine LED UV Curing System Flat LED UV Curing Equipment
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LED Flat UV Curing Machine   LED UV Curing System   Flat LED UV Curing Equipment
Newest Technology Low Power Save 95% Electricity 395nm led uv curing system
this is a new products,new  Technology, main for LED UV ink curing, low power,save 95%  Electricity than normal type UV curing machine(12KW), led uv curing machine power just have 400W per 10cm curing width !!! for example, 1meter curing width, total power is 4Kw.
At the same time, this UV LED have a very long using life time,more than 25000 hour.
Tip: We can manufacture according to customer’s requirement.we can do any curing width, pls advise the max curing width you need !
Maximum Curing Width: 100mm / 200mm / 300mm / 400mm - 2000mm (opitional)
Power: 400W / 10CM / group
Wavelength: 395nm
Irradiation height: 2-10mm
Irradiation power: 400-2500mw / cm2
LED life: 25000-30000Hour  more
Cooling: water-cooled
Power: 110 / 220V    50/60Hz
Irradiated area: 100 * 28mm / group
Curing area:  100mm -2000mm (opitional)  x  28mm   when conveyer belt stop
Size L * W * H: customized
Size irradiated area can be customized.
Size, irradiated area can be customized.

We Can manufacture allording to customer requirements

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