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Automatic UV Screen Printer on

  • Automatic UV Screen Printer on
  • Automatic UV Screen Printer on
  • Model Number: SCUV-16B
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing Machine
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  • Product Description:Automatic UV silkscreen printing machines on aluminum caps, Plastic caps top and sidewall automatic screen printer, high speed automatic UV screen printing machine capsules, Aluminum capsule automatic
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Product name:Automatic UV Screen Printer on

Model Number: SCUV-16B

Aluminum Cap’s Sidewall and Top

Model Number: SCUV-16B

High Speed Automatic Screen Printing Machine for aluminum cap’s top and sidewall’s UV printing.

1.Printing speed: 3,6000-4,000Pcs/hr
2.Printing diameter:Round Dia φ15~φ60mm
3.Printing objects length: 20~200mm
4.Compress air:0.6~0.8MPa:
5.Burning oil air: 0.15MPa
6.Main machine dimension: 260*160*280CM
7.Power: 6KW,220V
8: UV Curing System Rate: 3KW(LED curing system optional)
9: Station Mandrill: 16pcs for each set of machine
10.Packing Size: 4 Wooden Case
1. Polywood Case Size:185*145*230CM(Main Part)*2
2. Polywood Case Size:165*115*210CM(Elevator)*1
3: Polywood Case Size:135*95*220CM (Hopper)*1

1 Automatic single color screen printer on aluminum cap’s top and sidewall;
2 High efficiency, Auto Feeding, Flame Treatment , Auto Loading and Screen printing as well as UV drying all in one function. (LED curing system optional)
3 Online Flame Treatment.
4 Reliable PLC control & touch screen operation system.
5 Closed working system, well safety protection:
6 Promise of quality with SMC, FESTO pneumatic parts and Omron, Siemens Electric parts.
7 High quality aluminum alloy ensure light and ruggedization
8 Optional sensor for multi colors printing (optinal)

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